Self Service Kiosks

Easy To Use Self Service Kiosk Machines for Wide Range Applications

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Custom Solutions From Self-Service Kiosk Manufacturers

Self-service kiosk is a hardware device that works with self service software and allows users to do any number of transactionsis conveniently and quickly. From bill payment to photo printing, self service kiosk is proving to be a very helpful for businesses as well as customers. It provides easy access to information, reduces transaction time, and has the ability to perform multiple transactions. You can trust Kiosks, Inc. for your business needs as we have experience of developing self service kiosks for different businesses and industries. We also provide customized kiosks as per the needs of clients.

Virtual Employee

Our product loaded with the right software is not just a computer in a box. Rather it can be considered a virtual employee who can be looked at as an additional source of income. It can drastically reduce the work load of your employees by taking care of routine operations without any human intervention. It has become an essential part of the businesses today.

Business Benefits

A self-service kiosks manufacturer help businesses in reducing staff and office space requirements because one employee can look after multiple self-service kiosks. Companies can better utilize their manpower for non-routine and more productive customer service. A kiosk can be operated unattended for extended service hours and at off-site locations. With our self service kiosks, businesses can provide enjoyable experience to customers as a customer can spend as much time he wants on the kiosk retrieving necessary product information or details resulting in much better customer satisfaction.

Easy To Use

Our self service kiosk is an easy to use machine. The user has to simply follow the on-screen instructions and get the information, merchandise or service he is looking for. It works all around the clock. With the assistance of a trained in-house staff or a certified monitoring company you can ensure that the self-service kiosk is continuously working. The assistant will also make repairs or perform software upgrades whenever required.


There are a number of productive and creative uses of our self-service kiosks in both private and public settings. Below stated are just a few of them.

  • Public Information – The public information kiosk provides easy and quick services to customers, such as headline news, live message, store direction, or even search function.
  • Bill Payment – The bill payment kiosk is excellent for financial services such as check cashing, online banking, eCommerce and money orders.
  • Ticketing Kiosk – Ticketing kiosk is a convenient and quick option for buying tickets of amusement parks, lotteries, stadiums and airports.
  • Photo Kiosk – Photo kiosk provides quality film processing, photo finishing, ordering prints and photo sharing.