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Why Choose A Custom Computer Kiosk Manufacturer In The USA

CompuStation, Inc. is a leading computer kiosks manufacturer providing made in USA interactive touch screen kiosk systems & enclosures w/ 3-year warranty.

You’re here today because you’re shopping for computer kiosks. If 14 years of doing custom kiosk sales have taught me anything, it is that buying kiosk systems is always a complex project. The process of acquiring them is filled with potential pitfalls and mistakes.

We at CompuStation have created this videos series not only to help you avoid those costly pitfalls but also so you learn some crucial pointers for making better-informed decisions. I personally believe these cues work for both newbies and veterans in the business of acquiring kiosks and related products.

What We Do

Why Choose Us: Keeping Jobs in America

The two most important things you should know about us is that CompuStation, Inc. is right here, “onshore” if you will. We manufacture the kiosks and related stuff right here in Pomona, CA. If you had a bird’s eye view, you would see that all 12,000 sq. feet of the facility is devoted to manufacturing. The benefits to you?

#1: Cost Savings for You

I hear customers calling me all day long, saying they are getting quotes twice as high as our pricing. That’s a huge factor for all of you, not least because everybody is interested in cutting costs to stay liquid in this lingering recession.

Why go along with high-margin pricing? Call me today and we can give you a cost-effective, quality, beautiful solution. Does saving 50% or even 75% off the nearest competitor strike you as a good idea?

#2: Responsiveness

As if cost saving is not enough, you also get fleet-footed response when you need customization and you want an answer right here and now.

We save you money on customization. Like 95% of kiosk users out there, you want your kiosk enclosures customized to your equipment and other requirements. You may have already browsed the CompuStation Website and found a model that seemed a close match with what you need. Par for the course on your visits to our competitors’ Web pages, too.

The difference is that, when you need the kiosk customized to suit, all the folks who job out work overseas (or to an unreliable third-party fabricator) to “save you money”, really charge you a great deal for customization. They are only middlemen, after all. When you figure the costs all-in, our price advantage becomes even wider.

At CompuStation, the Production Manager is just 50 feet from me. When you call me, all I have to do is walk a bit and tell him what needs to be made. You will see the difference from calling in a question to a middleman fabricator. Chances are, you talk to someone who can’t quite answer your question, who has to say, “I gotta get back to you.”

That’s because he has to call someone who’s overseas and who can respond only the next morning. By the time you get the answer, two or three days have passed. Huge difference right there, just in that one question.

What Next?

I have lined up a series of videos like this to address your many concerns with matters like shipping, quality, materials, paints, and customer support. Sign up below, submit your email address and I’ll send you a link for the other videos right back. After reviewing all those, you will probably find yourself better-equipped to make good business decisions.

Our Solutions

At CompuStation, we are happy to serve our clients. We offer a variety of options and turnkey solutions for custom computer kiosks and enclosures. We want to make sure we are giving the best to our clients by leveraging the design process without sacrificing the concept and software integration.

Our unparalleled engineering expertise in custom design and consulting made us one of the most trusted kiosk manufacturers in the USA. We provide cost-effective solutions that match to your exact ideas and specifications.

Contact us today and our friendly representative is ready to answer your every question. We have 24/7 customer service representatives available online for your convenience. We will provide you the best customer service in the industry.

Don't forget to give us a call at 800-600-6829

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