Computer Enclosures and Kiosks Made in the US

If you’re looking for reliable high quality computer kiosk manufacturers, look no further. At Kiosks, Inc. a division of CompuStation, we are proud to be Made in USA. We have been service Fortune 500 companies to small independent operations since 1996, we have never had one return and our customers keep coming back to us. If you’re in the market for anything from a pc enclosure, computer cabinet to an interactive internet, outdoor, trade show information display, or touch screen kiosk, we can deliver the solution to your need in a fast turnaround.

Compustation is one of the leading manufacturer of consumer computer kiosks. Decades of experience have gone into perfecting designs for Compustation kiosks. Some of the world’s leading minds on industrial design and metallurgy were engaged in the creation of our products. So, each and every product is of the highest quality. At Compustation we care about our customers and because of that be offer everyone the option to completely customize each Kiosk to their requirement. Our customer service representatives are available online 24 hours a day for your convenience and every question is responded to within one working day.

Give us a call today at 1-800-600-6829, and you’ll find our most friendly and helpful representative providing you the best customer service in the industry.