How to determine the best waterproof industrial computer enclosure supplier


Below are some of the guides on how to find the right industrial enclosure supplier

COMPARE – There are numerous establishments offering waterproof industrial kiosk enclosures. Take your time in window shopping by to some of these companies to differentiate what each other can offer. Ask questions, be knowledgeable on the product you want to purchase and bring your IT expert.

CUSTOMIZE – Each product might be similarly offered but all are unique their own way. Industrial computer enclosures are an item that should be customizable because the needs of the user are on a specific function. Asking for information on a waterproof industrial computer enclosure, having a customizable design, is a plus to a manufacturing company.

PROTOTYPE – A manufacturer should be able to provide the end user with a prototype in order for them to test to effectiveness of the unit and address any issues that they might encounter during the test period before they do the final order. The prototype should also be FREE, or at a minimal cost (for transportation). For the waterproof industrial computer enclosure, a more specific environment should be used in order to try out its durability.

PRICE – Not all low priced items win the bid. Most of the time, cheap means low quality which means repairs later. And expensive does not come with everything either. Be observant and know your needs ahead of time and speak with a professional specialized company.

WARRANTY – Buying a high value item should come with a warranty. Ask what the life span is typically of the unit your company is interested in and duration of the warranty. It is also good to know details of what is covered by the warranty and how to claim if the need arise.

PRE SALES – These are sales executives who are the first point of contact in the manufacturing company. They should be knowledgeable and helpful in the requests of the clients. They should be friendly and can help provide solutions to your computer or enclosure application.

POST SALES – This is the part of the kiosk buying process after you purchase the equipment. Ask questions prior to purchasing how they can handle questions after the installation. Are there enough customer service assistants to take care of your concern? Are they available 24-hours?

The best enclosure company should be able to handle the items discussed above. Gather your team of engineers, or IT experts, and finance managers to discuss the best decision in selecting your chosen manufacturer. Consider variables like cost, materials, construction, installation, and warranty before the purchasing choice is made.

Compustation is one of the best providers to consider in looking for a waterproof industrial computer enclosure. Their 14 years in the industry is living proof that they are here to stay, to provide quality and long life equipment for their clients. Their expert engineers are available to help you decide and design what you might need for your business.

A Guide to Purchasing Industrial Computer Enclosures

There is no doubt that computers have made our lives a lot easier. Since their creation decades ago, computers have impacted the way so many aspects of business are done today and have paved the way for countless industries to grow. Many businesses rely so heavily on computers worldwide that entire companies would fall apart as they are completely computer-based or run on a network of computers. The importance of having the right protection for your business computer cannot be stressed enough. In this article, we will look into some useful tips for choosing industrial enclosures for computers in the workplace and company kiosks. Business owners have ample selection when choosing the right enclosure for their industrial computers and taking extra care in the decision will pay off in the long run.


The first thing to look at is the type of material used in the production process of industrial computer enclosures. The material should be durable enough to withstand any tough condition that the computer kiosk may need to withstand. It must also be lightweight if there is a need for your to move the kiosk around a production floor or transport to and from a trade show event floor. The material must be rust and waterproof if the computer kiosk will be exposed to the elements of nature even for a short duration of time including transport.


Another factor to consider in purchasing industrial computer enclosures is the manufacturer. Purchasing your industrial enclosures from the manufacturer that can deliver the best quality is of paramount importance. One way to be sure is by communicating your needs and checking sources with the manufacturer. Ask them questions about the product you are purchasing. Provide them with the information about what you need and what you are looking for in an industrial enclosure. You will get a feel of the quality in work they do and how much they know their product by the way the manufacturer answers your questions.


When you are in the market for industrial computer enclosures, it is important to have the option to customize your purchase. Different industries have varying corporate standards and requirements in the design and function of the kiosk. Ensuring satisfaction to all business departments that the enclosure is customized to fit such requirements will also be key in maintaining company standards. That way you will be able to maximize the use of your kiosks purchased and industrial computer enclosures.
In the marketplace for electronics, computers, kiosks and their enclosures, bear these facts in mind when making a purchase so that you can be mindful in your business decision. Doing so will allow you to make the best choice for your company and staff whether you operate locally or internationally and will allow your use of equipment to withstand the test of time.

Different Features Of Industrial Computer Cabinets

Industrial computer cabinets provide safe, lockable storage for computers and their accessories. Its mobility allows you to take your work with you from room to room, without the worry of damage or theft. With separate locking upper and lower compartments, you can still use the computer while keeping other areas completely secure.

Some manufacturers have strengthened their designs to be more durable, reliable and free from continuous maintenance. Some industrial computer cabinets are made of wood or other materials.

Obvious features from other makers of computer cabinets have incorporated into their products, such as:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Ventilated Back
  • Heavy Duty 5” Casters
  • Separate Locking Upper and Lower Compartments
  • Slide-Out Keyboard Shelf
  • 2 Adjustable Shelves
  • Available in different shades of colors

Business owners wanted to ensure that they giving the best to their clients. Some mobile Fold-Out Computer Security Cabinet / Workstation provides security, storage and mobile convenience for your computer equipment. It features two fold-out locking storage compartments that protect your monitor when not in use. When the compartments are opened, it reveals a complete workstation with plenty of storage, as well as left and right retractable mouse trays which are great for multi-tasking and putting away documents.

Industrial Computer cabinets are designed for optimum, ergonomic viewing that helps increase productivity. The convenient sloped display helps reduce neck strain for comfort and glare for clear monitor viewing.

Waterproof industrial computer cabinets are designed to be toughest industrial and commercial work environments. These units are specially designed for 24/7 operation in challenging conditions containing dirt, dust, humidity, water spray, vibrations, harsh chemicals, and cold temperatures. Our waterproof computers and monitors can handle harsh environments that would destroy any normal computer.

Rather than placing a consumer-grade computer into a bulky waterproof enclosure, certain brands have engineered the unit housing itself to serve as the waterproof enclosure. Initially created for food and beverage processing environments in equipment wash down areas, select units can also be placed outdoors or in clean room environments.

In general, stainless steel delivers consistent performance in virtually all environments, but it is a more expensive material. Carbon steel, on the other hand, is less expensive, but its corrosion protection relies on the maintained integrity of the enclosure paint/coating. This should always be considered for any outdoor application involving carbon steel enclosures.

Other aspects of the different features of industrial computer cabinets, such as gaskets and grounding, are sometimes overlooked in the specification process. Foreign substances entering the enclosure can ruin your equipment so features such as foam-in-place gaskets deliver a tight, continuous seal. Since safety is always a primary concern, enclosures that ground the enclosure through grounding straps, or, better yet, through the smart use of integrated/ automatic system grounding in the panels and plates, create an optimal safety environment.

Overall, buyers can make a decision when procuring industrial computer cabinets for their use, by adequately laying out the floor plan to determine the size of the cabinets required. If planned accordingly, buyers can maximize the square footage per rack by reviewing the floor plan layout prior to purchase and choosing cabinets that have just the right width and length to maximize space and efficiency.

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