Customer Kiosk Systems with Customized Check-in Applications

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Automation of check-in exercise has been instrumental in innumerable growth of check-in kiosks at various locations.

Kiosks, Inc. has deployed customized check-in kiosks for its clients at airports, for border control and also for processing of medical patients’ records in healthcare centers. Consumers have found it quite easy to adapt to these self service applications, which forms the basis for a long-term ROI for the deployer.

Diversity of usage

Wherever these check-in kiosks have been deployed, one common feature in all such deployments has been the faster speed of service, overhead reduction, enhanced security in the check-in process, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The right mix of various self service features that these check-in kiosks can handle depends on the specific objective and purpose of the deployer, but the range of services where they find application is quite diverse. They can be used as document readers capable of reading information from passport, driving license or any other document, as bar code scanners to collect data, as credit card readers or even as printers for printing rental contracts, boarding passes, baggage tags, etc.

Across the industry applications

The cashless ticket-in ticket-out transactions at casinos has proved to increase revenue and cut overhead costs. With their member cards, it is very convenient for customers to add or subtract value on their cards, without using tokens and coins. There are self service loyalty card programs incorporated in these kiosks as well to reward the frequent players. It also collects personalized information on customers to target casino clients and extend incentives to players.

Airline check-in kiosks allow sharing of platform, hardware and infrastructure for multiple airlines and airports, thus resulting in huge saving in cost to the deployer, increased consumer processing throughput, better management of peak flow congestion and thus enhanced customer service. There is a saving in equipment cost and requirement of floor space due to sharing of kiosks.

The check-in kiosks have also been found to be quite useful in car rental industry. there is a substantial reduction in transaction times for car rental and check-in. The deployers are assured of accuracy in collection of data with the Intellicheck devices and bar code scanners. There is also an opportunity for enhancing sales of ancillary products, such as fuel, insurance, upgrades, etc.

There is improved customer satisfaction for healthcare patients as well due to cost saving and queue reduction brought about by Check-in kiosks.

Exceptional solution flexibility

Kiosks, Inc. not only caters to the aspect of hardware design, but also looks after the software application development to address the specific client’s requirements. It can act a turnkey solution provider to handle all your development needs or it can also suggest you an appropriate application development partner who can work with you on working out specific modules to suit the vertical market in which you are operating.