Custom Computer Security Enclosures and Cabinets

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Make your computer equipment safe with our computer security cabinet

CompuStation is a leading provider of exceptional quality computer security cabinet at a very competitive price. We help you secure your computer equipments from a number of risks and adverse conditions.

Different types

CompuStation provides various types of computer security enclosures for its clients. Cabinet models are available for both desktops as well as laptops. They are available in mobile and stationary versions. In stationary versions, you can opt for a rack mount, wall mount or under desk computer security whichever may suit your requirement. With our mobile computer cabinets, you also get the benefit of having your computer equipment truly portable.

Variety of features

With a number of features in our computer security cabinets, we provide the highest security to your computer system. Ventilation fans and key locks come standard with our enclosures. We also offer optional vented shelves, sliding shelves, keyboard shelves and many more features which make our cabinets one of the best in the industry.

Ideal for harsh conditionsWe are quite aware of the fact that if your business requires your computer equipments to be placed in areas where water and fluids are present, it can spoil your valuable data and even your computer equipments. CompuStation creates water proof and dust proof environment to computer equipments and enable you to place them almost anywhere you require.

Attractive looksCompuStation offers computer cabinets in attractive looks to gel with your room décor. You can either go for our wood enclosure to enhance the overall look at your office or opt for industrial and heavy duty metals to keep your equipments safe from harsh weather. There are a wide range of color choices in metallic cabinets so that they do not spoil the look of the area where they are placed in industrial environment.

Custom enclosure

We have various sizes of computer security enclosures for any style and model of computer equipments. We are constantly developing our products, so if you are not getting a cabinet to fit in your requirement you can contact us. We manufacture custom computer security enclosures suited to individual needs and requirements. Even if you require a slight modification to any of our existing cabinets, we can do it for you without much extra charge.

Our sales people are always ready to attend to your call on all issues related to computer cabinets. Give us a call and talk to our representatives about your environment and see how well we can help you.