Custom Industrial Computer Enclosure and Kiosks

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Custom Industrial PC Computer Enclosures and Cabinets Manufacturer in USA

Customization is the new revolution. At CompuStation, our Computer Enclosures designs are not only the best but the most versatile. Our clients have a multitude of specific requirements and they are all more than welcome. We are more than just people who make a high quality product. We like to get to know you, so that we know what it is, exactly that you want. Our Customized range of enclosures that are made just for you will have your logo fixed on each and every unit. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Each individual department, in most production plants and companies, requires a different function. The requirements of designers will vary greatly to the requirements of welders and body-workers. Whether it’s multiple screens, water cooled bodies, hanging casings, multiple input hardware, damage protection, heat resistance, moisture proofing or anything else that suits your needs, we can make it and we can make it good.

All our enclosures are NEMA 12 certified, dust proof, water proof.

Heat resistance is the most important factor when it comes to making enclosures for manufacturing plants. In contrast, tasks related to designing and large data processing may need a water cooled system and a less spacious enclosure than others. We can even recommend specifications if necessary and our expertise has already helped many of our clients to set-up more efficient assembly lines.

Customization does not have to mean expensive. Compustation is proud to offer all its clients high quality products, incredible reliability, customized production and 24 hour customer service. all at very competitive prices. With Compustation you get exactly what you need.

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