Customizing Your Kiosk: 5 Ways to Make Your Kiosk Strengthen Your Brand

For most companies, kiosks are a way to increase efficiency rather than strengthen a brand. However, with the right degree of customization a kiosk can be an incredibly valuable tool for developing and strengthening your brand.

From customizing its color scheme to promoting special offers, this blog post covers give simple but effective ways that you can use self service kiosks to strengthen and enhance your company’s brand.

Customize your kiosk’s color

Most kiosks are sold in black and white. If you’d like to make your kiosk better suit your brand, customize it by installing paneling that matches the colors used in your logo and corporate identify.

Different parts of your kiosk can be customized, from the structure itself to small panels that surround displays and buttons. Choose colors that match your logo to make your kiosk stand out and remind users of your company’s visual identity.

Integrate your company logo

Don’t just use your company colors to customize your kiosk – add your logo to its signage or screen. It’s easy to add a display featuring your company’s logo to your kiosk, either on the structure itself or on a second LCD display.

Adding a LCD display to the top of your kiosk lets you display special offer, coupons and other information. A kiosk placed in a location that receives high foot traffic can double as a permanent advertisement for your company’s latest products and offers.

Customize your user interface

Don’t limit your brand to your kiosk itself. Customizing your user interface is a great way to increase recognition of your logo, slogan and other important aspects of your corporate identity.

Customizing your kiosk’s user interface is a simple and inexpensive way to increase the amount of exposure customers have to your brand. Add a logo to the corner of your display for free, highly effective branding.

Promote your latest offers

Most businesses think of kiosks as tools to speed up processes and cut down queues, but they’re actually far more than this. A kiosk can be a highly effective promotional tool for telling customers about your latest offers.

Would you like to increase awareness about a new product or service? Add a splash screen to your kiosk that displays when it isn’t in use advertising your new product so that customers notice it before interacting with your kiosk.

Build an email marketing list

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring customers back to your business, and a self service kiosk is a fantastic platform for collecting emails from your existing customers.

Once customers have paid their bill or completed their order, display a form which can be used to enter their email address. Many customers will opt in for a discount or special offer, helping you build a lucrative email marketing list.

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