Custom Designed Digital Kiosk Displays for a Powerful Consumer Impact

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Digital signage as a form of electronic display is becoming increasingly popular at various locations, both in public and private environments. Kiosks, Inc. has extensive expertise in providing custom-designed digital signages with LCD, plasma screens, LED boards or projection screens. Benefits of digital signages over static signs are manifold, such as the ease with which the multi-media contents or animations can be changed as well as the interactive environments with contents adapted to context and audience.

Dynamic information display

Digital signages can be most beneficially installed for displaying public information, such as weather, news, location specific information, traveler information. They can also be used for corporate messages, news, health and security issues of concern to employees. They also find applications in dynamic way finding with an interactive screens, thus enhancing the environment.

Advertising and brand building

Digital signages placed at critical locations such as retail stores, can serve the purpose of intensive advertising campaigns displaying all the company products and changing the content as per the target audience at different times of the day and week. In-store placement of these can go a long way in brand building and influence consumer behavior.

Controlling the content

The signage is often connected to a content server through a wired connection or WiFi networking. Whether you want a closed or open network, which basically implies if the display is closed or open to web, Kiosks, Inc. has the right solution. We can also design your system that you can use as a channel of broadcasting. With the right software, it can also be designed to interact with mobile phones, through Bluetooth and SMS, thus further increasing the user’s interactivity.

Robust software solution

Kiosks, Inc. has a dedicated team of professionals who design the most appropriate software solution for delivering the dynamic and interactive content on these signages. An appropriate software design is important because there is not much controller equipment inside a digital signage. It is basically a personal computer loaded with some proprietary software applications that run on these to control the content.

Understand the ROI

With so much of control at your hand, the digital signage is naturally an expensive option. But it can go a long way in revenue enhancement. However, to understand the ROI on your decision to go for this option, our expert professionals can sit with your team and help them understand the various aspect of digital signage, such as design of display screens, in-built media players and specifications for the content management server.