Financial Kiosk for Self Service Solutions and Online Banking Services

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Kiosks, Inc. is a reputed name in Advanced Functionality ATMs and Financial Kiosks for Bill Payment chiefly because of its exceptional ability to create customized design and to deliver in high volume production.

These multifunctional financial kiosks are designed to handle complex requirement from clients. In fact, the more the complexity involved, the better is the overall kiosk design. The bill payment kiosks which are most widely used in the US are quite well suited for high volume manufacturing and low cost customization with exceptional service capabilities. Kiosks, Inc. has the distinction of having a huge network of bill payment kiosks with some of the reputed names in its list of clientele.

Kiosks are ideal for unbanked

Gartner Research 2008 KIOSK Benchmark Study clearly indicates that the lower income group in the banking market has largely been ignored by almost all the banks in the US, the reason being the high cost involved in providing teller services, lending services or maintaining small accounts.

It has been estimated that there are about 78 million individuals in the low-to-moderate income segment in the United States, which remains more or less unbanked. However, their annual spending is as large as $13 billion, which is quite a significant amount.

Specialized banking kiosks are gradually transforming this unbanked population into a bankable population by offering multitude of functionalities to them such as check cashing, debit cards, ATM services, money transfer, bill payments and many such opportunities.

Great cost effective alternative

Companies, outside of banking are struggling to find means to cut cost and increase their revenue. The average cost in respect of accepting a payment against a bill is quite high, close to around $6, and this has forced companies to look for cost effective means for bill collection. Rather than opening remote branch locations, self service kiosks are proving to be great alternatives for not just bill collection but many other financial services.

Multitude of functionalities

There are a number of benefits of these financial kiosks offered from Kiosks, Inc. Automated banking and bill pay kiosks have the feature of providing self service cash payment, and are ideal for people who prefer cash payment.

Banking kiosks with its 24×7 online banking services are very cost effective as there is reduced transaction cost, employee overhead as well as the cost of setting up a branch office.

Electronic inputs provide speedy transaction to clients with minimum error. Prepaid services kiosks installed in shops reduce queue lengths and result in better customer satisfaction.

Kiosks in retail locations increase the revenue of the retailer because of the sharing of the transaction fees and product expansion. Financial kiosks with their multi lingual options are great for customers using different languages and these kiosks act as medium to reach larger population.

They come fully loaded with security features too such as trigger mats, privacy screens and proximity sensors so as to provide safe and reliable customer service.