Gaming kiosks as Ideal Kiosk Solutions for Gaming in Casinos


Kiosks, Inc. provides a long list of gaming solutions for its clients ranging from conventional redemption and self service sports booking to event ticketing, loyalty card kiosks, cash-in & cash-out transactions and digital signage.

The gaming kiosks have been used extensively by casinos for various loyalty applications, automated access to clients on their points information, incentives and promotions to attract repeat customers, enhancing revenue and growth for the deployer.

An ideal solution for casinos

Casinos are working hard to cut costs by reducing their overhead staff and boost the revenue and to achieve this, they are finding self-serve cashless ticket-in ticket-out transaction kiosks for winnings as an ideal solution. The member guest cards are becoming quite popular and with these kiosks, they can quite conveniently add or deduct value from cards. It is very easy to reimburse cash by using the cash-out tickets – you simply have to insert this into the kiosk and you get the cash. It is cost cutting for the casinos as well as quite convenient to customers.

Casinos and gaming table applications are witnessing a high growth primarily due to deployment of these kiosks. They are being programmed to incorporate loyalty card programs for frequent players, prizes and various free services to provide incentives for repeat visitors, and integrating applications on a self service platform. There is labor optimization as well as increased revenue from betting.

A great ROI opportunity

By eliminating manual token or coin counting, there is better data integrity. The reporting errors too are reduced because of remote monitoring capabilities. There is minimum risk of theft by employee or robberies. The employee headcount is drastically reduced due to elimination of coin handling, hand pays by cashiers, hopper refill risk and overhead.

The coin-less gaming terminals supported by these kiosks also leads to improved customer satisfaction and greater possibility of repeat plays and frequent visits. The database on players generated through these kiosks is very useful for target marketing and attracting customers through rewards, incentives and prizes.

Flexible application development

The team of experts at Kiosks, Inc. can work in close collaboration with you to understand your software application needs, preferences and objectives. Our program managers and channel managers having expertise in different vertical markets will then chalk out a detailed application development plan to address your requirements. Our product development experts will deliver to you a 100% customized solution to help you achieve your objective.