Kiosks, Inc. has a huge number of government clients who have benefited from its self service cost cutting solutions.

Federal, state and local government are all facing an acute budgetary crunch and are therefore under immense pressure to cut their cost. Quite a number of government offices have turned to automation solution with significant ROI over a long term.

Automating routine functions

Kiosks find wide ranging applications in offices by automating their high demand routine functions such as vehicle registration, license test and renewal, to name a few. The benefits of automating these tasks are quite evident. It leads to shorter waiting times, improved patron service and reduced staffing cost, which eventually enables the states to keep the tax rates at lower level.

Prison solutions

Kiosks can be quite useful for providing solutions to mange the prison bank accounts as well as commissary purchase. Even requests for medical attention and medicines can be handled effectively. The family members of inmates can use these kiosks to make deposits in their accounts, either in person or even online from home. The inmates may be connected to their approved visitors through the kiosk with phone and a video camera.

Applications in educational institutions

Universities in the United States are deploying kiosks wherever possible taking advantage of their cost saving benefits. Kiosks can significantly help educational institutions to deal with increased demand cycles at critical stages, such as student registration, athletic events, parent weekends, etc. Useful information on financial aid, course catalogs, student ID validation, academic calendars and directories can be quite easily accessed from these kiosks.

A vehicle of information distribution

Kiosks find large scale applications for dissemination of information relating to government policies, programs and guidelines, and this can be used to a great advantage by people living in areas where they do not have an easy access to computers or have other means to get the information. The rapid adoption of kiosks by government offices in the last few years bears testimony to the increasing realization of this fact.

Self service kiosks may be deployed by Transit Departments to better manage the passenger flow, schedule automation, route information and ticket or token distribution, thereby resulting in a significant cost saving. Applications providing useful passenger information and ticketing facility can easily be integrated into these kiosks.

Self service kiosks for utility bill payment are quite popular in the United States. They can be especially useful for unbanked and cash-preferred segment of the population.