Green Kiosks for Eco Friendly and Energy Saving Kiosk Solution


Kiosks, Inc. is designing eco friendly kiosks to save the environment from green house effect. The kiosk is great for both the environment and the deployers.

Kiosks, Inc. uses recyclable materials to design their green kiosks. In addition, it uses technology due to which these kiosks operate at maximum efficiency and there is minimum possible carbon emission in the environment.

Expertise to design green kiosks

The highlights of the design elements of Kiosks, Inc. for these green kiosks include use of components that consume extremely low power, solar powered kiosks supported by grid back-up, appropriate material for enclosure and packaging as well as environment-friendly paint process.

To design green kiosks it requires having expertise in custom engineering and outdoor design, as well as extraordinary experience of component integration. Kiosks, Inc. because of its design expertise is a perfect destination for clients who are looking for kiosks that are not only environment friendly but are also tough and weather resistant.

Uses Design to minimize energy consumption

Kiosks, Inc. by using solar power system can help conserve energy and place your project in a green category and in this way you are not just propagating your concern for the environment but actually contributing to it.

Outdoor deployments can be made 100% eco friendly stations by using solar energy for powering them. When these are combined with wireless communications, these kiosks can be made a truly stand alone stations. This can be achieved through a rather simpler deployment where you do not require installing expensive outdoor power and communications installation.

Green Kiosk are not just great for reducing energy consumption and installation cost but also for deployers to win the credibility of the consumer. It is a positive PR statement that gets communicated to consumers that the deployer was careful enough to have a concern for the environment while installing these stations.

Options to make the project sustainable

Kiosks, Inc use a number of devices that consume low power and these devices ensure the durability and efficiency of eco friendly kiosks. To make the project sustainable there are many affordable options that the client can select from. Some examples are: energy star peripherals consuming low energy, low power consumption components, stations with 100% solar energy or partial solar energy support having efficient AC grid backup.

Flexible Application Development

Mirroring the hardware design approach, Kiosks, Inc. can provide application development that can fit every client’s needs. As per the requirement of the deployer, Kiosks, Inc. can perform varied task that include Turnkey Solutions and Consultative Role for software application development. For application development, we first figure out the client’s software preferences, needs and objectives and then the expert professionals work out with you to provide an application that fits the specific requirement that you may have.