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Kiosks, Inc. has helped a number of renowned innovators in the United States to bring new patient solutions by its custom design expertise.

Kiosk Inc. has been a renowned name for designing and manufacturing of self service kiosks for healthcare industry. It has a team of experts who work hard to make the client’s program – right from the initial designing of the solution to its manufacturing and field service – a great success.

Ancillary services integrated

Kiosks, Inc. has integrated many application specific ancillaries into their healthcare kiosks that include insurance card scanners, biometric identification, payment transaction devices and privacy screens. These facilities help streamline the patient and work flow at healthcare centers, enhance revenue and provide better service to patients.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Automated patient check-in is great not just for patients but also for the healthcare providers. Patient check-in kiosks are quite convenient for patients as they streamline patient’s check-in procedure and reduce their wait time. This in turn saves the overhead employee cost and they can be deployed for more serious tasks.

With automated check-in, patients no more have to fill up a long list of forms which in turn reduces overcrowding at the front desk. There are savings in storage and printing costs as well. Moreover, the information collected at check-in station from the patients is more reliable.

Finding the labs, examination room and other locations in a large organization is quite a difficult task but Patient Check-in kiosks helps the patient to easily locate the desired destination.

Protect patients’ privacy

Biometric devices help in accurate patient identification and are great for keeping patient’s privacy. The privacy filter enables the kiosks to present the data only to the patient and to no one else. Targeted patient messaging and Health Management Alerts improve the quality of care for the patient and enhance the efficiency in communication.

A trusted name

Kiosks, Inc. has deployed numerous kiosks in healthcare industry market and has proved its exceptional capability in sophisticated peripheral integration, customized design, bulk manufacturing and on-site services. With a huge list of clientele, it has proven its ability to effectively perform at every phase of the program life cycle. Precisely, Kiosks, Inc has all the expertise required to ensure the long term success of its clients.