The Nema 12 Enclosure Helps Your Business Equipment

NEMA defines standards that are used in North America for the various grades of electrical enclosures.  Typically used in industrial applications, NEMA also applies their standards to self service kiosks.  Each is rated to protect against personal access to hazardous parts, and environmental conditions depending on the machine location whether it be indoors or out.  There are 13 NEMA types of enclosures with sub-categories that are built in for specific machine purposes.  Some of which include weather resistance, water tight fittings, dust tight, submersible, indoor, outdoor, or specific for hazardous conditions.

What to consider in choosing electrical enclosures:

  1. Location and environment – You must determine where the enclosure will be installed. Is it indoor or outdoor? Will it face a hose down, rain, excessive dust or corrosive elements? It is important to know that if you stick an enclosure under the sun, the internal temperature vs external temperature can create issues with the machine.  Determining these factors will guide you toward suitable rating and material.
  2. Contents – Determine if the set environment around the enclosure will damage the equipment within unless the equipment is pressurized.  A factor to also to be considered if the overall equipment is sturdy or delicate in any respect in accordance to its location.
  3. Size – Determine if you can find a size and shape that meets your needs or if a custom fabricated enclosure is necessary.
    Compustation Kiosks and computer enclosures specialize in NEMA 12 enclosures which is designed for general purpose protection and intended for indoor use to provide protection against dust, dirt, and dripping of non-corrosive liquids.  It should meet drip, dust, and rust resistance tests.

Here are some of the characteristics of a NEMA 12 enclosure:

  • Doors with oil resistant gaskets
  • Resistant to damage from external condensation of non-corrosive liquids
  • Primarily for industrial indoor use
  • Available with pre punched holes, cut outs, lift off hinges, insulation, latches or locks.

There are common misconceptions on the use of NEMA enclosures especially on NEMA 4 and NEMA 12.  Being a water tight grade enclosure, NEMA 4 is commonly chosen by consumers as few people know that they are different.  The NEMA 4 and 4X are for indoor-outdoor and the NEMA 12 is for indoor use only.  They also have specific material design for a made for wet or dry purposes so it is better to be aware of your business needs before purchasing one.
Having the right enclosure will maximize the lifespan of your equipment as this holds the electrical connections between the main power supply to the apparatus and protects it from any damage, water spills, dusts and other particles that might contribute to its workability and productivity over time.  Regular maintenance will also prolong use of both the equipment and enclosure as if these are neglected, extensive run down will be expected and financial loss can occur.
Choosing the right manufacturer of the kiosk enclosure should be taken seriously.  Compustation kiosks and computer enclosures have fourteen years of experience in producing enclosures that will surely give you peace of mind.  Serving large and small companies and manufacturing NEMA grade equipment.  You can be assured all their products are the best quality, with high standards, are long-lasting and priced accordingly.

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