Custom Computer Kiosk Solution for Human Resource Applications

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HR Kiosk has proved to be one the most successful and longest running applications

Kiosks, Inc. has some of the most widely used applications in demand are in the domain of Human Resources.

In many corporate environments such as health care, retail, manufacturing, government, etc., there are about 30 to 40% of employees who do not have daily access to computer. Kiosks, Inc. has deployed its technology to many such companies and connected their workforce, and in the process helping them achieve higher revenue than they used to get from their earlier self service applications.

A full-fledged HR application platform

Some of the cost saving HR applications can actually accelerate ROI and improve the services extended to such employees. The potential for improved services may span a wide range of activities, such as pay record access, automated benefit enrolment, job training and profile management. There is a huge amount of cost saving due to automated processing of hundreds and thousands of routine applications by retail companies. The stage is set for the integration of almost all the HR platforms and there is virtually no HR application that can not be run on these kiosks.

Kiosks reduce cost on HR communication

It has been found from a survey by Salomon Smith Barney that industries shell out close to $1700 per employee every year for HR communication. Kiosks literally act as an extension of your HR department by helping in distributing pay stubs, employee scheduling, 401K administration, job postings, disseminating company policies or training opportunities and functions like these. You can conserve your resources by putting your HR employees to more important works than these routine activities.

HR Kiosks provide 24×7 self service functions without access to computer for the convenience of employees. It lowers down cost by saving on required human intervention. Online forms save paper, distribution as well as administration cost. Factory floor HR kiosks provide assistance on employee training, scheduling as well as many other managerial functions.

Kiosks, Inc. has a flexible Application Development solution

Just as our hardware design, our application development is equally flexible, quite easily customized to customer’s needs. These kiosks can be designed to assume the task of Completely Turnkey Solution Provider or Consultative Role.

In the former role, the kiosks can be designed to cover various aspects related to software application development such as program timeline management, hardware integration testing, reporting services as well as remote monitoring.

In a Consultative Role, our experts from sales and channel management domain can work with you to recommend one of our application development partners having expertise in more than 20 different vertical markets.