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Industrial computer enclosure for longevity to your rugged industrial computer

CompuStation is a premier industrial computer enclosure manufacturer having a huge list of clientele. Our enclosures are the perfect solution for dusty and wet industrial environments. Safety and security of the rugged industrial computer is our prime concern and hence we manufacture tough enclosures to meet the requirements of the industrial environments. We provide enclosures in every shape and size, and for any industrial application.

Well manufactured


Our team of skilled professionals with their expertise has helped us make robust design, high quality, and aesthetically appealing enclosures. They are manufactured from heavy gauge material and are welded to perfection for maximum rigidity and strength. They ensure that your computer is safe and working well even in hostile environments. The design of industrial computer enclosures at CompuStation is quite flexible. Even if you place your PC on the floor, you will find an enclosure that can fit in your requirement.

Wide range of choices


You can get a wide range of choices of industrial computer enclosures at CompuStation. You can select from variety of models and designs as per your requirements and preferences. Whether you have a large computer system or a desktop size system, you can surely get a piece that can fit in your system. We also offer panel mounted and wall mounted designs that you can adjust with the position of the system on the production floor.

Protection from dust


High levels of dust and various other contaminants can drastically cut short the life of your industrial computer. Even small amounts of dirt can build up and result into over heating of the system. All our products are built as per international standards and come with a guaranty that your PC will not be contaminated with any dust.

Waterproof designs


We are quite aware that water is often liberally used in industrial areas. There are various locations in industries, where computers are required to be placed but they require cleaning with water almost on daily basis. For instance, areas such as food production units require touch material enclosure that can withstand wash-down or jet washing. Our industrial computer enclosure is totally waterproof and can withstand constant wash down.

Customized enclosures


We also manufacture customized industrial computer enclosures to cater to your specific requirements. PCs installed in industrial areas are often quite different from each other, customized to specific requirement at production floors, and at times it may be difficult to find a standard product that fits all kinds of systems. We with the help of our expert professionals can customize an enclosure that can fit well with your PC type.

Satisfaction guaranteed


Our excellent service has earned us a huge number of dedicated and satisfied customers. Our industrial computer enclosure experts look forward to answering your questions at any time of the day.