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An interactive kiosk has become critically important in today’s businesses. It is basically a computer terminal that is used to perform particular tasks that involve electronic recording and retrieval of information. In modern days interactive kiosk is widely being used in different areas to perform various functions quickly and efficiently. We, with our team of dedicated experts develop interactive kiosks to perform a wide variety of task as per our clients’ requirements.

ATM for Banking Needs

One of the most popular interactive kiosks is ATM that is widely being used by banks for transactions. You will find it mostly outside a bank, retail outlet or a supermarket where customers can conveniently check their bank account and also draw or transfer their money. Our expert technicians have made ATM with full proof security without any chance of fraudulent use. We provide both key board and touch screen monitor for ATM that you can select as per your needs and preferences.

Check-Out Kiosk for Supermarket

Check out kiosk is becoming quite popular in supermarkets because of the convenience it provides to customers. They can scan items that they have to purchase, put them in a bag and pay for them through debit card, credit card or cash. Check out kiosk is especially useful for customers who have to buy small items and do not want to stand in a long check out queue.

Internet Kiosk for Easy Access to WebPages

We also provide internet kiosk for easy and fast internet access at any desired location. It is widely being used by customers as it provides quick and convenient access to emails and web pages. Internet kiosk is especially very helpful in places where people have to wait for a long time such as hospital waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, day care centers, airports and railway stations.

Interactive Kiosk for Ticketing Purpose

Our interactive kiosk is also widely used for ticketing purposes. Tickets for amusement parks, movie theatre, museums can be purchased from ticketing kiosk. Customers can quite easily buy the ticket from the kiosk and pay through cash or cards. Ticketing kiosk is an easy option not just for customers but also for deployers as it reduces the overhead cost.

Check-In and Check-Out Kiosks for Airlines

We have kiosk solution for the airline check-in and check-out. Airline authority can drastically cut the operating costs by reducing overhead staff which otherwise they would have required to manually deal with the routine operations.