Internet Outdoor Kiosk for Email Access and Turnkey Applications


Kiosks, Inc. is a popular name in the field of manufacturing and design of self service kiosks. It provides excellent services and strives hard to make the customer’s program successful right from the beginning to the end.

Custom designed multi-functional kiosks

Kiosks, Inc. manufactures custom designed multifunctional Internet kiosks for a large number of clients. They feature high speed Internet with long list of revenue generating entertainment feature. Various turnkey applications that can be layered onto single kiosks are Office Software, PC and Casual User Gaming, Photo Functions and High Speed Internet Access. Operator clients use these applications to generate revenue and provide pay for use self service entertainment for their customers.

Kiosks, Inc. provide enhanced revenue stream for the operator because of multiple service features. It also continuously updates entertainment features on the kiosks keeping in mind the hardware limitations.

A virtual entertainment mall

Internet kiosks can be turned into a virtual entertainment mall by an integration of various service features for enhanced revenue opportunity. Internet and email access boosts the profit potential of the café by stabilizing the café traffic.

Office Application suites available in a roadside station attracts the business travelers on the road, requiring access to word processing, presentation software or spreadsheets along with the facility of quick laser printing. Photo upload software can also be built into the station to helps user upload their photos and share with others. A number of PC or online games are also sometimes incorporated to attract customers.

In locations having heavy traffic flow, there are custom booth options, which can handle multiple users working at different stations, and they may be networked for single printing or payment. It can eliminate the duplication of expenses on peripherals and further improve ROI for the deployer.

Flexible software application development

Just like the hardware design, its Application Development capability is equally flexible. You can come to us for a turnkey solution for your software application development needs, whereby activities such as hardware integration testing, remote reporting and monitoring and project timeline management can be handled by our experts.

Alternatively, you can also seek our assistance for a consultative role with our channel and sales management teams can recommend you to one of our application development partners having the expertise in the area of your business. We have application development partners who have expert professionals equipped to handle specific vertical markets.