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Monitor enclosures to protect your monitors and LCD displays

CompuStation offers a wide range of monitor enclosures, for protecting valuable Plasma, LCD and TFT monitors in virtually every environment. We help businesses to install outdoor digital signage solutions in public areas, shielding the display from vandalism, theft and harsh weather.

Sophisticated features

With our high quality LCD enclosures, we have made it possible to display the monitor at almost any location even in outdoor and industrial areas. We have added a number of sophisticated features in our LCD enclosures. Features such as, monitoring and adjusting the internal temperature and other countless methods of cooling and heating to prevent the monitor from overheating and freezing exhibit the skill of our expert engineering professionals.

Maximum protection

Our LCD monitor enclosures provide the maximum protection from the possible damage, theft and harsh weather. They are specifically manufactured to be water proof and rugged. Our range of waterproof and dustproof enclosures comes in both Nema 4x and IP65 specifications. We also offer special monitor enclosures that provide a higher degree of protection form possible theft and extreme weather. These special monitor come with higher specified locks and have a totally different design that is used mostly in outdoor locations.

Great designs

All our LCD enclosures come in a sleek and compact design. These stylish enclosures can accommodate a huge variety of standard LCD displays from 24? to 70? and contain additional VESA mounts that enables installation of thin client or dedicated PCs. CompuStation’s LCD enclosures are lockable, secure and sealed to NEMA 4X guidelines. We also custom manufacture any size of monitor enclosures to accommodate any monitor from 15″ up to 50″.

Excellent services

We offer warranty on all the mechanical parts of the enclosure. Once you place the order you will get a fast delivery of your product. All our staffs are well informed and will help you whenever you require their assistance. Our products display the high quality of our engineering ability. We are experienced in the industry and can help you in everything related to the field. Contact us to get the most cost effective quote for monitor enclosures in the industry.

A trusted name

In fact, no other manufacturer of monitor enclosure can boast the same level of expertise or exceptional customer service as CompuStation. It is because of this that thousands of market leading companies trust us for their business, not only for the first time but also as repeat customers.