Order Entry Kiosk Computers and in Customized PC Cabinets

Order Entry Kiosk by Kiosks, Inc. is a great choice for cutting expenses and enhancing sales revenue.

Kiosks, Inc. has deployed a number of order entry applications to its clients, with automation features for repetitive order processes benefiting both the deployer as well as customers. Automation enhances the revenue and reduces transaction costs of the deployer quite substantially. Order entry kiosks are becoming quite popular in car rental and insurance industry, with their deployments increasing day by day.

Great for cutting expenses

“Endless Aisle” order entry is great for cutting store expenses, more so for retailers who are facing cost reduction pressures. Ordering off-site inventory in-store has a huge growth potential for retailers. This not only expands the inventory options but also reduces the inventory carrying costs and the cost of setting up a separate store for this purpose.

There is a long list of clientele of Kiosks, Inc. who have realized the revenue improvement potential by the deployment of first and second generation in-store ordering kiosks.

Both deployer and consumer love the idea of self service

Companies as well as consumers love the idea of self service today. Companies have realized that the self service option saves money. Consumers too are finding it quite convenient, and the need to interact with a person is fast disappearing in modern day business. Now the companies are ready to go all out with this option and the consumers too are enthusiastic to follow the trend.

However, Kiosks, Inc. is not working on complete elimination of personalized customer services, even though there is much more willingness to shift to a regime of self-controlled transactions than in earlier periods. These kiosks have given freedom of choice to both the consumer and the deployer on this front.

Kiosks reduce transaction cost and time

Consumers have welcomed the idea of having control of the transaction in check in kiosks, self service ordering and line busting applications. With the option of cash or card transaction, these self service kiosks have drastically reduced the total cost and the transaction time.

Consumers are willing to switch over to these self ordering kiosks because of a number of benefits associated with them. There is a significant reduction in queue lengths leading to better consumer satisfaction. Self ordering mechanism ensures order accuracy. The provision of in-store self ordering significantly increases the sales revenue.

The approach is to make the process more user-friendly with customers using touch screens for ordering products as well as various services. With presentation of supplementary or additional products, there is a huge possibility of cross sales. The pictures of products as well as prices on display lead to better customer satisfaction in the process.

Complete software solutions

Apart from delivering on hardware design, Kiosks, Inc. is also involved with full-scale Software Application Development. It can assume the role of a Turnkey Solution Provider with a comprehensive package to take care of all your application development needs including timeline management, hardware integration testing, etc.

Alternatively, it can assume a Consultative role, whereby its management team can suggest a suitable Specialized Development Partner having expertise in the specific vertical market.