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An outdoor kiosk allows users to perform their job outside of the businesses they are into. In some cases, the distance between the kiosk and the business can be quite close, for instance, a movie ticketing machine that is placed on the outer wall of the movie theater. Some outdoor kiosks such as an ATM machine, are placed at substantial distance from the banks to which they belong. You can come to Kiosks, Inc. as we have the expertise of developing all types of outdoor kiosks. All of them are simple in concept, but technically strong in design.

Interior and Exterior

Our Outdoor Kiosk is housed in a solid aluminum weatherproof covering with an easy to use locking hinged door. The internal equipment of the kiosk consists of a thin line design that features a mini cooling/heating/AC system having dual thermostat and a sunlight bright touch screen monitor.

Convenient to Use

The main purpose of an outdoor kiosk is to provide convenience to the users. Our outdoor kiosk is quite convenient both for the user and the deployer. There are some transactions which can be automated, such as buying transportation tickets, paying for fuel and withdrawing money from banks and users find our outdoor kiosk very convenient as they do not require the assistance of any other person. It is very convenient for businesses as well, as they do not have to deploy any of its employees to assist people using the kiosk.

Weather Resistant

It is very important for outdoor kiosks to be weather-resistant. There are numerous sensitive, electronic elements inside them that can be affected by changing seasons. One of the considerations that we have in our design of outdoor kiosk is to ensure that moisture from snow and rain does not enter the machine. We also make sure that hot and cold temperature or the shift from hot to cold will not cause the machine to malfunction.

Energy Efficient

There is good news that our affordable outdoor kiosk has all the required accessories to save energy consumption. Looking at the present demand for energy efficient products we have created one that is most ideal for your use.

Withstand Malicious Behavior

Since an outdoor kiosk is usually unmanned, it can be more vulnerable to damage than an indoor kiosk. Some outdoor kiosks, like ATMs have money in it and may be targeted by thieves. It is very important to ensure that these outdoor kiosks are properly equipped to withstand malicious behavior. Be assured that our product can tolerate such misconduct.