Customized Payment Kiosk and Computer Enclosure Machines

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Enhanced customer service has become one of the most important differentiator for companies competing for customers business. The bill payment kiosks from Kiosks, Inc. are designed keeping this as the prime. Our payment kiosks automate routine transactions and provide improved service in retail outlets. They allow the user to make cash payment and get the receipt immediately instead of waiting in a long queue at a bill payment counter. We usually deploy it in a heavy traffic area like convenience store, supermarket and bank.

Our payment kiosks usually include a computer inside an enclosure that we can customize with your corporate image or business logo. It also has a bill and coin acceptor, credit card reader, security camera and phone for customers to call the service center if there is any problem.

Easy to Use

The payment kiosk is an easy to use machine and allows customers to pay their bill very quickly without any interaction with any employee. It is a simple user friendly machine that contains detailed instructions on how it works. Customers have to simply follow the instructions, fill the information in the bill or scan the coded portion of the bill and then insert the cash. After this, they will get a receipt from the payment kiosk.

More than a Billing Machine

We also develop payment kiosks that perform much more tasks than a simple billing machine. Our machines can function as an ATM machine. It can even let customers renew their driving licenses or pay traffic tickets.

Benefits for Institutions

More and more businesses like to have a bill payment kiosk today as it has a number of advantages attached to it. It allows them to reduce their overhead staff and this directly results into saving in terms of overhead cost. The selected few employees they have can fully concentrate on other needs of the customers and this helps them in improving their customer service. With payment kiosk, companies get secured lockable safe to collect cash or cheques. Deployment of payment kiosk also helps the company in conveying its tech savvy image to customers.

Benefits for Customers

With the deployment of our payment kiosk, the stores have been able to increase their level of customer satisfaction. Customers can get a 24 x 7 self-service. They no more have to interact with any employee and they are happy to get personalized bill payment experience. Gone are the days when they had to wait in a long queue to make the payment even for a single item.