Phone Kiosk in Compact Design Enclosure

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Compact Design Phone Kiosk

A telephone kiosk is a small enclosure having a payphone and is designed for the convenience of telephone users. It usually has a door and a window in it. The door provides privacy to the user while the window lets other people know whether the booth is in use or not. A phone kiosk often has a printed telephone directory of the local numbers. However, it may also have a paper, pen and seat if it is placed in hotels or any other formal place. Kiosks, Inc. is known throughout the industry for developing standard as well as custom designed phone kiosks for its wide range of customers.

Not a Thing of the Past

Even though phone booths have lost their importance because of mobile phones coming within easy reach of the population in recent times across the globe, they are still important and are often found very useful at some critical locations. Mobile phone users often experience the problem of weak signal or no signal at many places. There are areas where a particular network may not work very efficiently, and in such situations, mobile phone kiosks are found to be quite valuable.

Strong and Durable Material

Our outdoor phone kiosk is made of plastic and metal so as to make it more resistant to harsh weather and heavy use. It usually features the logo and name of the telephone service provider. For indoor use, we give more elaborate furnishing and architecture so that the phone kiosk may enhance the overall décor of the place. We can custom design the kiosk in virtually all finish if you have a different requirement.

Innovative Designs

All our models have been engineered and designed for optimal ventilation, easy installation and maintenance and are suitable for use by handicapped people. We try to put in innovative design features in our customized products as well.

Paying for the Call

The user of phone kiosk can pay for the call by depositing coins into the coin slot or by entering the payment code on the keypad. For the convenience of users we also have the option of a card reader where the user can pay through his credit card. A caller who does not have any means of payment may go for the option of reversing the charge. In this system, the operator asks the call recipient if he is willing to pay for the call or not.