Digital Photo Kiosk Manufacturers of Custom Kiosk Enclosures


A number of popular names in photo industries have trusted Kiosks, Inc. for their photo kiosk design.

With a proven capability to handle integration of sophisticated photo components, high-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping at a highly competitive price, Kiosks, Inc. is well positioned to cater to a diverse range of client requirements. The solutions offered by it include not just the small volume or turnkey photo kiosk products, but also the sophisticated services meant for large scale networked deployment.

Photo kiosks fast replacing retail printing

The US photo market has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the last decade or so with the new age photo kiosks set to replace the traditional retail printing outlets. This growth has also been triggered in part due to significant growth in digital cameras as well as camera phones. People are buying more digital cameras and camera phones and are shooting pictures to capture even the smallest events of significance happening in their life.

A photo kiosk delivers photo prints in an entirely non-traditional setting. It is quick and convenient with a self-service option, which is the main reason for their popularity and wide acceptance by customers. There are options to combine them for delivery with gifts for various occasions in innovative and creative packaging styles. According to a study by Frost and Sullivan, the daily transaction average per kiosk is likely to increase from a level of 8 per day to about 12 per day, and this indicates quite a substantial growth potential for the industry in the next few years.

Choose from an extensive product line

Kiosks, Inc. has a long list of photo kiosks with different configurations. Whether standalone or networked stations, they are all rugged and versatile designed to be long lasting, in addition to looking sleek and attractive.

You can choose from its standalone product lines in different configurations and capacities to fully automate the photo printing task from a digital media, or go for its mini-terminal stations having multiple functionalities. There are options available for printing in various sizes. You can place orders online too and the prints in beautiful and attractive packs are delivered right at your doorstep.

Kiosks, Inc. provides customized solutions to address the diverse needs of its clients, both for hardware designs as well as application development to handle the specific client requirements.