Custom Designed Photo Kiosk for Quality Picture Printing

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Picture kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in recent times and Kiosks, Inc. is a trusted name in this segment of industry. Our picture kiosks are custom designed to take care of sophisticated photo components with remarkable ease. They are designed to cater to diverse business and customer needs.

Picture kiosk fast replacing retail printing

With rapid growth in digital cameras and camera phones, the photo industry has not remained the same as it was about 10 years ago. Today people are shooting pictures at a frantic pace and they have more photos to print in a month than what they used to do in 2 to 3 years. Naturally, this has propelled the demand for self-service kiosks where customers can get the print outs quickly at affordable prices.

Customer Friendly Stations

These picture kiosks are installed in various locations such as retail stores, drug stores and supermarkets. They allow digital photo print outs from digital media such as a digital memory card or a CD. It also has the ability to scan and perform simple photo enhancements through an easy to use touch screen interface. These picture kiosks use a wide range of direct inputs as well as online image hosting services to enable customers to upload their photos for the purpose of printing. Thus they are compatible with memory cards, blue tooth, USB flash drive, facebook, etc.

Pictures at your control

These systems can be set up as a stand alone picture kiosk printing instant pictures or they can also work as order stations printing to a digital mini lab. They are designed to accept picture files in various formats, such as bitmap, JPEG or TIFF formats. There are many picture enhancement tools that customers can easily use to add desired effects to their photo print outs. Thus there are provisions for red eye reduction, sepia or black and white effect, facial retouch, zoom and crop, text or border addition, etc.

Diverse Designs

Picture kiosks can print photos in various sizes. They can print small photos required for driving licenses as well as big size enlargements. They can also be programmed to print greeting cards, monthly and yearly calendars, automatically generated collages, pages for bound photo albums and many other products. Some can even be designed to burn picture CDs or DVDs.