Custom Designs for Computer Printer Enclosure and Cabinet

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Printer enclosures to protect your printer from harsh industrial environment

CompuStation is a one stop shop for printer enclosures. The wide range of products available provides the best solution for complete printer workstation protection in harsh industrial environment. Our durable, handy and rugged enclosures offer an excellent low-cost, off-the-shelf solution in harsh conditions where dependability and durability are critical. These printer enclosures are specially designed for warehouse and workshop and industrial environments.

Ideal for wet and hostile environment

Our printer enclosures improve reliability and safety of your printers in wet or any other hostile environment conditions. They are waterproof and can protect almost all types of printers in wet or wash down locations. Window and locks that are fitted to the door of the enclosure provide an additional safety to the printer. Some of the enclosures at CompuStation are equipped with optional heater that is ideal for extremely cold environments. These heated printer enclosures have unique ducting that provides a constant source of heat to the printer heads and thus ensures continuous, reliable and safe printing even in sub-zero temperatures.

Huge range of options

The printer enclosures at CompuStation are manufactured with a huge range of variations and options including static shelf, sliding shelf, front and/or back doors, glazed door, easy access flap, heater modules for chilled environments and feet or castors for easy relocation and cleaning. Some of the enclosures are made of tough plastic lid to protect the printer against dust, scratches and dirt and at the same time to easily lift on its hinges for access to the printer. They also have the option of a built-in fan and filter system for positive or negative airflow that protects your printer from water, dust, oil, etc.

Custom solution

We can custom manufacture printer enclosures of any size and shape to accommodate any model of printer, whether it is a desktop inkjet printer, barcode printer or a large networked printer. To get a custom designed printer enclosure we will fix your appointment with our experienced engineering team who will work out a perfect solution for your specific needs. We assure you that they can create a design that will be most ideally suited for your use.

Our dependable services

We guarantee top quality engineering designs in all our printer enclosures. All the mechanical parts of the enclosure are warranted against any manufacturing defect. We make it a point that once the product is ordered you get a quick delivery. We have a team of highly skilled staff who will assist you whenever required not only at the pre-sales stage but also post sales.