Retail Kiosk Enclosures to Boost Revenue and Customer Convenience

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Self service equipments from Kiosks, Inc. for retailer are great solution for full-scale application enhancing profit.

Kiosks are widely used by retailers

Kiosks, Inc. has produced for their retail clients two prominent American retailers customized guided selling kiosks that are great in-store solutions for inventories. It has many complimentary features like loyalty programs, in-store promotions, catalog ordering, etc. These products can used to a great advantage in applications such as credit application kiosks and card based self-service for customized gift card in retail market. Kiosks, Inc. has also created custom made vehicle guided selling kiosks for some of its clients.

Boost the overall store revenue

Retail Kiosks have proved great for enhancing revenue, better customer satisfaction and value addition. As their long term strategy, retailers are opting more and more for self service applications such as guided selling, in-store bill payment, in-store-loyalty cards, targeted promotions/coupons, product lookup, product ordering, etc. utilizing the diverse capabilities of these kiosks.

There is no limit on how many bill payment kiosks can be installed within the retail segments of companies, translating thereby a significant growth potential in complimentary retail services. The product has the added advantage of serving as informational kiosks, queue management and product location. The capability range of the retail kiosk is indeed quite diverse.

Diverse applications

The in-store product ordering kiosks have been found to lower down the cost of carrying inventory. Guided selling kiosks boost sales revenue by providing consistently presented information on products. In a case study on some of the clients using retail kiosks, it has been found that there is about 1 to 3% increase in store revenue, which adds up to a significant amount over a period of time.

Both credit card application and loyalty card kiosks are great for enhancing in-store revenue, consumer convenience and reducing the enrolment time, as per studies reported in 2006 Journal of Consumer Marketing and CSC Credit Services and Wirespring Technologies.

Kiosks for in-store bill payment provide payment outlets for customers paying in cash. They also control receivables and in less than a few minutes, clients can report their debit, credit and various transactions. There is a great ROI opportunity to tap the credit deprived and un-banked customers, which constitute almost 15% of America’s population.

Apart from these, there are a number of additional applications for which these kiosks can be used. The Way finding directory reduces the number of employees and improves the customer service. Promotional kiosks and Couponing boost the in-store revenue substantially.