Security Kiosks in Customized Computer Enclosure Designs


Kiosk, Inc. has been involved with providing kiosk solutions geared to security and immigration control at hundreds of key locations in the United States, airports or custom screening points. The solutions offered by Kiosks, Inc. have achieved more and more sophistication with time and has handled some of the most complex design requirements demanded by its clients.

Stringent security needs post 9/11

The post 9-11 security screening process following the presidential security mandate or the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2010 has undergone tremendous scrutiny. Largely funded by the airline travelers and tax payers, this enactment is under extreme pressure to be effective and efficient.

Since the 9-11 incident, Kiosks, Inc. has been actively involved in all the major technological advances in the area of automated screening solutions. Some of the reputed names of the US are successfully using security kiosk peripherals to accurately capture data and instantly retrieve security records, which are key elements of a standalone security kiosk.

Unmatched custom design and peripheral integration expertise

Kiosk, Inc has designed and manufactured security kiosk solutions for a number of reputed companies and has established itself as a trusted name in the integration of peripheral services with its security solutions, such as biometric finger print, iris and palm vein scanners, document imagers and passport readers.

Kiosks, Inc has become a major supplier of self service security because of its incredible custom design expertise and peripheral integration capabilities. To get a high end security solution it is essential to have proper integration of multiple elements built into the system. Kiosk, Inc. has unmatched identification and security peripherals that include Biometric Peripherals, Document & Image Capture Peripherals and Ez Access Peripherals.

Handling airport passenger flow

The airport security and screening solution kiosks are most visible at points controlling passenger flow. In addition, they are also seen at other areas of airport handling passenger flow, such as baggage tagging and luggage security, self service check-in counters and international duty collections.

All these sophisticated devices are designed not just for the security of the nation but also for a significantly improved efficiency in the billions of dollars of annual expenses incurred on airport security. There is huge cost reduction due to savings on staffing overhead as well.