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Stainless steel enclosures for the safety of your equipments

CompuStation is a leading name in the field of stainless steel enclosures. Be it communications, automation or power supply technology, CompuStation offers a variety of enclosures to suit virtually all requirements. We create standard as well as customized stainless steel enclosures. You can quite easily get custom-built enclosures at CompuStation and select features as per your needs from our huge range of choices. We are committed to providing our customers with extraordinary services.

Protect sensitive equipments

Our comprehensive range of stainless steel enclosures are ideal for food or beverages and pharmaceutical applications or any other environment where frequent washing is required because of sanitation issues. From the clean-room to the factory floor, our enclosures protect sensitive equipment or food and beverages from dust, dirt, corrosion, water, and other contaminants. These enclosures are resistant to corrosion and cater the needs of users for years.

Best quality steel

We use the best quality of steel and guarantee that very few manufacturers can match our standard of stainless steel products. We carefully select the materials for our enclosures and that is why our products are among ones having longest durability in the market. The most commonly used grades of stainless steel that we use for our enclosures are 304 and 316. Type 304 is used in most common applications, but in harsher environments we use type 316 stainless steel.

Great design

Featuring robust construction, capacious drawer and superior polish, our stainless steel enclosures offer ample storage space for accommodating multiple items. They have a crack and crevice free design, and thus they prevent any germs or salt build up, that may lead to a rust spot. They feature clean soldered seams, precise edging and a uniformly polished brush finish on the outside. Our enclosures are structurally crafted to ensure that a perfect fit enclosure is delivered to you.

Customer satisfaction

Customer’s satisfaction is our biggest concern and topmost priority. In the entire manufacturing process right from raw materials to delivering the product, we continually monitor the quality of the stainless steel enclosure to make sure that we provide the highest quality product to our customers. Our main concern of delivering a reliable and quality product is what our customers have appreciated the most.

Contact our sales team to find the best design of stainless steel enclosures for your equipments. They will help you choose from our standard products or even offer you a customized solution to suit your requirement.