Ordering a Computer Kiosk Enclosure

Businesses worldwide are starting to take advantage of the benefits that computer kiosks provide. Kiosks are user-friendly interactive computers that need minimal or no supervision and have significantly cut business costs on labor.  A simple pre-programmed computer can easily answer questions, assist with customer service at any location internationally, and serve as personnel at trade shows or other promotional marketing campaign.

A computer kiosk enclosure comes in many different sizes and design options.  Without the expertise of a kiosk enclosure manufacturer, it may be difficult for some to get the right enclosure that will fit their company needs.

An experienced and professional company who will do all of this for you and more, CompuStation, Inc. is the one-stop solution.  The ordering process is now made easy and all you have to reach out.

Below are the simple things you need to consider with a kiosk enclosure:

1. Design. Depending on your company’s needs or wants, choose a design that would best represent your company.  You may tailor-fit it to your vision, colors, logo, or the nature of your business, even just create a kiosk to get ahead of competition.  If you are not sure, let the experts do the designing for a computer kiosk enclosure that is right per your company standards.  At Kiosks Inc. they have a long list of designs you can choose from and some may be modified depending on your needs.

2. Pricing. This is one of the major factors that you need to consider when ordering. Pricing should be reasonable but should not change half way through the manufacturing process.

3. Manufacturing Time. Industry standard in creating kiosks is between 6-9 weeks. This gives ample time to order and customize a model right for your company.  For customized software and data uploads ask CompuStation Inc. for their quote based on your business.

4. Shipping. A company located in the U.S. will be able to deliver faster and support will also be easier. With the number of known shipping and distribution centers in the U.S., like UPS and FedEx, you are sure that your orders will be delivered faster, safely and insured. CompuStation, Inc. takes pride in delivering orders with less than 1% damage rate. The company has one of the best claims process if anything were to happen. When a kiosk is delivered with damage, depending on the severity then they will send a new one.

5. Support. Some sales people will lure you to buying or getting the services they offer but fail with post-order support. This is a sure sign that the company is only after your money. Find a company that will respond during the ordering process and after the product has been delivered.

That is how simple ordering from CompuStation, Inc. is. You are guaranteed that their computer kiosk enclosures are of world-class quality, delivered fast, at a reasonable cost and with the best customer support. No need to delay, visit Kiosks Inc. or call 866 236 3228 today.