The Value of Security in Kiosk Enclosures

Network security is one of the highest priorities a business has to protect customers.  Data is often handled, transferred, and other sensitive information is passed along throughout individuals within a company and the use layers upon layers of security to encrypt such data is key.  If these layers of security fail then there will be repercussions to face.  Due to the fact that sensitive data and information could get into the hands of people with bad intentions.  These bits of data and information could be compromised and the company may face serious consequences such as lawsuits, bankruptcy and business closure.

Aside from the threats of hacking and unauthorized access via the network and in cyberspace, physical security threats should also be a concern for anyone that is handling the security of network and computers.  For this reason, it is important to protect the computer system and network with computer security enclosures.  There are a lot reasons why security enclosures are necessary for computers and networks. Here are a few of those reasons in the list below.

Protects the hardware

Computer and network systems are made up of several hardware drives as well as software.  All of these hardware parts are equally important to ensure that the computer system runs smoothly and the network remains stable.  A loose cable, a broken chip, or missing part could leave the entire computer system disabled and the network can crash.  Computer security enclosures provide protection and prevent these incidents from happening.  It keeps the cables from being pulled out of the ports and any of the important hardware from being stolen as well as the machine itself.

Aids in ventilation

Another important function of the computer security enclosures is that it allows the entire computer system to cool off.  Most security enclosures for computers are equipped with fans and a ventilation system that allows for better air circulation and keeps the temperature low.  Hot temperatures are bad for computer systems since they can cause the entire network to slow down and may damage different parts of the computer.

Prevents unauthorized access to data

Computer systems have USB ports and various drives which are used to store and transfer data.  These USB ports can easily be accessed without computer security enclosures.  Once an intruder gains access to the USB ports then it is easy to retrieve data from the computer system and network.  The network also becomes vulnerable to malicious attacks like malware and viruses.  The use of security enclosures for the computer system limits the access to the USB ports and drives preventing these type of attacks and any compromise of data.

Cable management

Security enclosures for computers also help in managing the cables in the network.  Poor cable management can cause issues throughout the computer system.  It will be very difficult to detect a malfunctioning port or an unplugged cable if the wires are not properly organized.  Security enclosures will help you arrange the cables so that they are neat and properly clustered together.

If you value your computer and network security, do not take the importance of an enclosure lightly.  As shown in the photo above, the computer enclosure protects your entire system as much as the layers of data encryption and anti-virus you have installed.