Computer Kiosk Enclosure Manufacturing FAQ

Interactive kiosks are sprouting up everywhere on an international level.  They are computer terminals featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information for internal business communication, commerce, entertainment or education.  Some companies are replacing high labor costs with interactive kiosks, while others are doing expansion by deploying these type of machines to several areas around the city, their country, and globe.  Kiosks are low maintenance machines, highly efficient, and easily accessible in public areas.
As a business owner, would your company benefit?  What are the pros and cons of having your own computer kiosks?
Below are some of the guidelines to order one (or more) for your company

  1. What do I need my kiosks to do?  This simple question calls for deductive process to boil down company service aspects into menus and boxes to accomplish customer needs and tasks.
  2. Where will my kiosks be located?  Ask your business development manager where the best locations are to gain the most profit.
  3. What content should be displayed?  The easiest or most mundane business tasks that your staff spends time on that can be handled by a computer are often what is displayed.
  4. Should there be audio, scanners, cameras, printers needed?  This depends on your business needs, often paperless options are more economical such as emailing receipts and can be used for customer marketing later on.
  5. What industry or market you are targeting?  The same demographic that your business serves now.  Determining this question for growth purposes, will allow your business development team to define what location is best for you.  Are students a target audience, the general public, foot traffic commuters, mall shoppers, people with disabilities, kids, etc.
  6. What are your kiosks made of?  Steel, wood, material blends, or industrial plastic.
  7. Does it need internet connectivity?  Often this answer is yes, but this does depend on your business needs.
  8. How long is the return of investment? Return of investment varies on the volume of customer use and whether the main purpose of the kiosk is to provide a service or simply to give information, then the ROI is long.   If kiosks are for direct consumer for bill payment and other purchases, then ROI can be shorter.
  9. How long does it take to make kiosks?  Standard or basic shelf kiosks with less than 10 orders can be delivered within 7 days.  For a custom built kiosk and enclosure manufacturing, kindly call our team at Compustation for a quote.
  10. How long is the warranty?  A standard warranty is one year, but with Compustation Kiosks and enclosures, we offer extended 3-year warranty.
  11. What type of after-sale support does Compustation have available?  The company is glad to provide service questions about their ability act quickly on certain problems or response to questions.
  12. As the decision maker of your company, choosing the right supplier for your computer kiosks and enclosures is the key to having a smooth business operation.  Ask about their experiences, clientele, support, turn-around time, deliveries, and maintenance support.
  13. Look for Compustation Kiosks and Enclosures as the top manufacturer for all your computer kiosks enclosure needs.  They create personalized, durable, reliable and high-standard kiosks for a variety of companies.  Their engineers and fabricators are managed by the owner himself to ensure quality and standards.  The 12,000 square feet facility shows that Compustation is serious about kiosks and enclosure manufacturing.  Providing expertise in custom design and consulting makes Compustation one of the most trusted kiosk manufacturers in the USA.