Self Ticketing Kiosk for Fast and Efficient Service

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We at Kiosks, Inc. have a huge list of ticketing clients chiefly because of our great customized design and excellent services.

Why go for a Ticketing kiosk

Today some of the major transportation and entertainment companies have opted for automated sales footprints to increase their efficiency, to reduce their overall cost and to provide self service convenience to their customers. But to get the full benefit of self service ticketing, it is essential to have an efficient system that is reliable and can function really well.

Customers require higher standards of custom peripheral integration in check-in kiosk solutions and ticketing. For instance, the solution should have a provision for accepting cash, reading passport, assistance for disabled clients, etc. Kiosks can very well manage these combined capabilities and have also proved to be a great ROI for their clients.

Benefits of Self Ticketing Services

Self service ticketing has a number of advantages. It is cost effective and there is a drastic reduction of cost per transaction as well as employee overhead required. It is a convenient option for customers because it accepts both cash as well as credit cards for dispensing tickets.

The greatest advantage of ticketing Kiosk is that the transactions are fast resulting in faster customer service and significant queue reduction. They can be used 24×7 and during peak time self ticketing services significantly improve customer flow because of convenience of operation during off peak hours to customers. Kiosks located at offsite locations provide more distribution point and thus increase revenue at a much lower infrastructure cost.

Kiosks can be used as a great advertising platform with provision to update contents on a regular basis to increase cross sales and revenue. They can be used to increase general awareness about sales offer, promotional schemes, thus effectively increasing total sale per transaction.

Kiosks, Inc. is capable to handle finer details

Similar to our approach to the design of hardware, Kiosks, Inc. is involved in providing great flexibility in application development as well. It can provide customized solutions depending on the requirements of a client. Kiosks, Inc. has product development experts, program managers and channel managers to provide you with the solution that exactly fits your requirements. Kiosk has more than 20 Specialized Development Partners, all having expertise in different vertical markets.

Our services include not only the development of software applications but also overall timeline management, hardware integration testing, reporting services and remote monitoring.