Multi Functional Video Kiosks in Custom-Designed Computer Enclosures

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Video kiosks are small computer terminals placed at key locations in malls and retail stores displaying multimedia messages to attract customers. These kiosks are owned by the companies which want to advertise and market their products in locations where the customer foot fall is quite high. Kiosks, Inc. prides itself in having a reputed client list in retail industry using our video kiosk products.

Variety of Designs

The primary purpose of video kiosk is to advertise a product to the users or provide them information cheaply and efficiently. With this common feature among all systems, the specifics of designs vary quite a lot among different kiosks. They can be placed as free standing video kiosks. Its compact shape makes it ideal for any temporary event or touring event, where the kiosk has to be shifted to new locations at frequent intervals. You can also go for wall-mounted designs for exhibition stands, themed environments or custom booths. Desktop video kiosks are also being used quite extensively these days making them ideal for use in secure environments, such as reception areas, conference rooms, etc.

Customized Products

The video kiosk products are customized to your specific needs. We have a team of expert professionals, who will sit with your team and work out a design that is best suited for your purpose. The product design is a highly interactive process at Kiosks, Inc. and we welcome the clients’ feedback at any stage before it is finally approved so that the design that finally comes out incorporates the best of our ideas and your suggestions and needs.

Diverse Business Needs

The video kiosks can be used not only to advertise a product selling in the mall, but for diverse business purposes. It can be used for informing customers about a new company launched recently, new products launched by a company, directions to get to a new store launched directing shoppers how to get there. Any sale or upcoming event can also be communicated through these kiosks placed at key locations. It can also be used as an aid to a sales person selling a product. While customers can listen to the detailed information provided by the sales person, the video kiosk may act as a stimulant providing the visual feel of the product and its usage to the client without keeping the entire inventory ready on the spot.