We Found the Solution – Touch Screen Kiosks for Retail Companies

What is touch screen or interactive kiosk?
It is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information on a specific product or performs a basic service. Similar to a modern day customer service assistant, kiosks are typically found in public areas where people can obtain answers to questions or have access to a business service twenty-four hours a day.

Below are some of notable benefits of having touch screen kiosks for a retail business;

  1. Enhances customer service – touch screen kiosks can perform functions like providing information, processing registration and other business service that can use an electronic interface. This also minimizes liability of counter staff for and misinformation of the data recorded.
  2. Increase sales – this is the main target of the company providing access to touch screen kiosks. It is great for creating sales promotions, discounts, bundled packages and other enticing advertisements that will encourage customers to buy and buy more!
  3. Delivers fast ROI – Increasing sales means a better return on the investment. In a recent study, it shows that retail companies who use interactive touch screen kiosks have a significant increase in revenue.
  4. Reduce costs – Reducing overall business expenses is one of the main reasons why companies are switching to touch screen kiosks. Kiosks don’t take sick leave, vacation time, maternity leave, bereavement time off, or any other leave of absence from their job. They also don’t get stuck in traffic or take overtime pay, holiday pay or stay late to work nights.
  5. Improves efficiency – With the software being installed and secured, kiosks can perform mundane tasks like providing information while the employee is doing another job or while the customer is waiting for their product or order.
  6. Improves customer buying experience –Being served by an interactive assistant, and experiencing a better customer service interaction with the assistance of touch screen kiosks, ends up resulting is an improved customer buying experience. Touch screen kiosks can assist more efficiently to customer inquires about basic information on the products and service the retail company offers.
  7. Boosts job satisfaction – With employees focused on sales or their specific task at hand, retail staff can use their skills and talents on a more important or complex matters of the business.
  8. Help analyze consumer behavior – When a customer starts using touch screen kiosks, the computer will recognize their behavior and redirect them to further help a specific need.  The kiosk can be programmed to offer suggestions on products or services currently available at the store. With the information also stored (if downloaded or encoded at the time of customer registration), the retail establishment can also include them on their mailing list and send them product offerings according to their behavior the last time they visited the store. This gives the establishment a step ahead to further sales with the added marketing initiative taken by the kiosk.

Humans cannot be replaced by a robot in all aspects of personal service. However, interactive kiosks can do the same tasks as a customer service person except the presence of a human body is not needed and if the customer is happy it’s almost the same thing. Investing in this equipment can truly help a company increase revenue with the cost saved on hiring service personnel and other business costs incurred by simply avoiding human error.
For more information and to learn more about customizing your business touch screen kiosks, contact CompuStation. They have a wide variety of choices for corporate standards of service and they will customize all kiosks to meet your company needs.

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